We currently service over 30 GSA supervised US Government Agencies as well as multiple New York State & New York City regulatory agencies, offices and other respective branches of Government. References are made available upon request..


Top-notch Professionals

Our professionalism, security level, and paperwork is top notch... and so are our credentials. No-Hit Fleet Vehicles are our speciality and we are by far the best facility available, capable and correctly priced, to any and all Agencies and their employees. We understand budgeting, procurement, timeframe, and scheduling. We are here so you get your job done.

Specialty police equipment installs & repairs are done in house, on the spot, and under video surveillance and observation. Our wiring safety guidelines are the most stringent in the industry. Soldered, shrink tubed, no harnesses are cut, compromised, tapped, or warranties voided during our installs. Our prices are equally as impressive, as we refuse to be outbid by any other legitimate bidding competitor.

We are an active SAM registered and searchable facility [ click here ] and we comply with all RFQ / RFP procedures for all procurement purchases & contracts, and we are Lease-plan, Enterprise Fleet, CEI, ARI, GE, MAP, Wheels, All Car & Merchants Fleet Authorized & Direct Bill registered as well.

Commercial Service Throughout The Boro's

We understand that New York never sleeps, so neither do we. When you have a van down and can't earn, it means a loss, and not servicing your client. In this economic climate, where everyone is competing for the same dollar, do you really want to take a chance? We guarantee all our labor, use the highest quality parts, not chinese imitations. Your vehicle is repaired immediately and expertly. We give it top priority whether it means pulling someone off another job or laying on our backs in the street.  It will get done or we won't go home.


In Good Hands

We extend a NET 30 billing cycle to qualified companies maintaining their own fleets, in order help keep them rolling at all hours of the night. Drivers never need to pay personally to have their trucks released. There are no padded bills, drivers claiming emergency out of pocket expenses, etc. Vehicle estimates are gone over personally with the owner or whomever designated personally. We are just as concerned with you earning a living as we are. We Make It Work when others don't or simply won't.

We work with all fleet management companies including but not limited to GE, Enterprise, Lease-plan, ARI and just about every other company you can think of and we are proficient in proper procedures for direct estimating and billing for each and every one of them.  Plumbing, Mechanical air Condition & other maintenance companies are given our home numbers to call 24/7.